Exclusive Real Estate Agent Spotlight: Meet Experienced Agent Omid Tebyani!

Omid Tebyani is an experienced realtor! Find out more about Real Estate Agent Omid Tebyani by reading our Exclusive Q & A below and follow Omid on official sites to keep up with all the latest.

Q: Omid, great to have you! Where are you based out of?

Omid Tebyani – A: Thank you for having me! I am based out of Calabasas California where I have been a Realtor at Keller Williams Realty Calabasas Estates for the past 10 years. I serve my clients wherever they need me to be and take care of business for them. From Santa Barbara to Palm Springs and San Diego and beyond with the main and local area of focus being within a twenty mile radius of Calabasas.

Q: What do you love about real estate?

Omid Tebyani – A: Getting results for my clients! Whether it is a residential or commercial transaction, whether a sale or an acquisition, nothing beats seeing your clients happy with the results and relieved that the job got done and they can now focus on their next financial venture/investment. My objective with every client is being the trusted and dependable resource for them and guide for them in making the best decisions for the future of themselves and their loved ones, knowing their interests and goals are front and center of our working relationship.

Q: Can you share with us some of your background in real estate?

Omid Tebyani – A: Over my real estate career, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of residential and commercial transactions including single family residences, leases, retail, industrial, multifamily and land to name a few. I started out in residential real estate and over time, as my knowledge and experience grew, my clients expanded to commercial clients. One of the main reasons I went in to real estate was knowing the pivotal role a real estate agent plays in the life of their client from personal experience.  I consistently worked on expanding my knowledge and was lucky enough to have amazing business teachers and real estate mentors that helped me learn to perform that role to the very best of my abilities. I also had the honor of serving on the Keller Williams Agency Leadership Council (ALC) of my office brokerage for about five years. The Keller Williams ALC or Agent Leadership Council is made up of the top 20% of agents in each office and are actively involved in the leadership decisions that make the office more productive and profitable. I also served on our local MLS board committees including the Equal Opportunity and Housing Committee and the Commercial Committee.  My background prior to my real estate career was twenty years of involvement in the construction industry. I took my years of listening, working and perfecting customer relations skills to my real estate career. Bottom line, I strive to make each client feel like they are VIP! I believe my ratings and reviews are a product of that effort and intention. Noteworthy is that all reviews and/or ratings are requested after the close of a transaction. I know my clients want their agent to go to bat for them and negotiate the best price when they are buying or investing, and the best offer, terms and their property SOLD at the highest price and in the shortest time. That is the heart of what most clients want in my opinion and that is the essence of my team and I’s focus.

Q: What is one key aspect that has contributed to your success, and do you have any icons, celebrities, or CEOs you are inspired by?

Omid Tebyani – A: The one key aspect I believe that has always contributed to my success since childhood has been competition. And not in the sense that most would think. I’m talking about competition with my own self. It was always about constantly working on making myself better at what I do and never about competition with others. And funny thing was that more than often when you are dedicated and eager to learn, the teachers appear to show you the way. I feel very lucky and am very grateful for all the amazing mentors and teachers that I’ve had over the years who took the time to teach me and to show me how to do things right. Other contributing factors to my success I can say is that listening has always been one of my strong suits. I tend to listen more than I talk. I believe you can learn a lot on how you can help clients and even friends and family and people by just listening to their story and what they have to say and feel. As far as Icons, there are many. A couple of figures that I find at the top of the list and their quotes at the top of my mantras list are Henry Ford – “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. And Steve Jobs – “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. 

Q: Aside from real estate, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Omid Tebyani – A: Other than real estate and helping my clients, I spend time with family and friends, playing sports like golf, mountain bike riding, skiing, playing table tennis whenever time allows. Also reading books, listening to and writing music, watching movies and photography. I also have a deep love, passion, and appreciation for nature and love spending an abundant amount of time venturing into the great outdoors and taking in the raw beauty it has to offer. It keeps me grounded 🙂


Omid Tebyani – A: You can learn more about me, my team and our services from the Ratemyagent review website below and my social media which are under my name Omid Tebyani. Reviews page: https://www.ratemyagent.com/real-estate-agent/omid-tebyani-jy181/sales/overview . I also have reviews on Google, Realtor.com and Zillow, as well as Yelp.

I am also very excited about the upcoming lunch of my new company Rescomm Group. Stay tuned for that. My vision of the company is to be the or one of the top real estate groups in the nation, first in customer satisfaction and secondly in sales volume. Mission will be to heighten the experience of the clients and the agents serving them for a quality experience. If you know anyone that would be interested in being a part of my team, we are always looking for talent and driven individuals to help them reach their career goals.  please contact me directly at (805) 207-6713.


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