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Real Estate Agent Spotlight: Meet Experienced Agent Tracy Sutherland!

Tracy Sutherland, also known as Miss Tracy, is an experienced real estate agent in OC! Tracy has had great success in real estate and always strives to get the best for her clients. Read below our exclusive agent spotlight interview with Tracy Sutherland and follow Tracy on her official IG @HomeVibeOC

Tracy, great to have you! Where are you based out of? 

Tracy Sutherland – A:  I’ve been doing real estate across all of Orange County for 25 years. While my office is in South OC, I cover both the North and South areas. Each city has its own unique vibe, from home prices to styles. When I meet clients, I ask about their preferences to get a feel for a few locations that might work for them. Orange County isn’t massive, so moving between the two ends is a breeze. It’s all about making real estate easy and personalized for my clients.

Q: What do you love about real estate? 

Tracy Sutherland – A:  After an enriching 25 years in Real Estate, my passion for helping others in their home journey has only deepened. From guiding first-time buyers to assisting investors, each transaction brings its own unique challenges, and I thrive on the diversity. What keeps me going is the joy of making my clients happy. I take pride in going the extra mile, making the process seamless and stress-free. I’m not just a realtor; I see myself as a personal assistant, ensuring every detail is well-planned. I love the creativity involved, especially in upgrading and designing homes. It’s not just a transaction; it’s about creating spaces that resonate with my clients. This blend of dedication, flexibility, and genuine care defines my approach to Real Estate. I look forward to more years of turning dreams into homes with enthusiasm and a personal touch.

Q: Can you share some of your background in real estate?

Tracy Sutherland – A:  I’m always drawn to creative ways of connecting with people and making a positive impact in the realm of Real Estate. One recurring event that I’ve actively participated in for the past few years is Fit4Moms. Being a sponsor at some of their major events, I organized a significant raffle where I gave away custom-made Mama Vibes trucker hats. Additionally, I curated a memorable food event, providing Fit4Moms with a well-deserved enjoyable night out. Through these events, I had the opportunity to connect with some incredible moms, establishing myself as their go-to person for real estate needs.
Another initiative close to my heart is a program I’ve designed for firefighters and police officers. Having a firsthand understanding of the challenging schedules that firefighters endure, given that my husband is a firefighter, I’ve made it a point to be flexible when it comes to fire families buying and selling homes. I’ve introduced various perks and programs specifically tailored to assist fire and police personnel, recognizing the importance of supporting those who risk their lives daily for all of us.

Q: What is one key aspect that has contributed to your success, and do you have any icons, celebrities, or CEOs you are inspired by? 

Tracy Sutherland – A:  I don’t have specific public figures I look up to; rather, I admire individuals with a remarkable work ethic, genuine kindness, and a commitment to looking out for others. In real estate, I consciously avoid following the crowd. Instead, I find joy in being creative and thinking outside the traditional approaches. It’s about finding simple yet inventive methods that set me apart, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for my clients.

Q: Aside from real estate, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

Tracy Sutherland – A:  In my free time, I keep things simple and enjoyable. I’m into working out, and one of my favorite routines is Bodyrok Pilates. Hanging out with my two boys and my husband is a top priority, whether we’re exploring new restaurants or just chilling at the beach, watching the ocean waves, and catching sunsets. I also love mixing it up with fun getaways like snowboarding trips, glamping with the family, and those much-needed relaxing tropical vacations. Just soaking in the good times with the people I love.


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