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  • A CNBS Exclusive Real Estate Agent Lets You in on his Secrets

A CNBS Exclusive Real Estate Agent Lets You in on his Secrets

Want to unlock the secrets of selling billions in real estate? Catch a quick look of this CNBS exclusive with one of the highest paid luxury real estate agents in…


One of the top luxury real estate agents with $7 Billion sold, take a look at the exclusive interview.

How To Become a Luxury Real Estate Agent Q & A?

Watch now and discover how you can be come one of the top luxury real estate agents in your profession. Expert advice, take a look at the official channel below

Break Into Luxury Real Estate with Tracy Tutor

You may have seen Tracy Tutor from Million Dollar Listing, today she is ready to explain to you how she broke into luxury real estate and how you can do…

Million Dollar Listing- Who can sell $28.5 M Faster?

On this episode of Million Dollar Listing you’ll catch a glimpse of ‘Who Can sell a $28.5M home faster’, a bet like no other. Who do you think it will…

The Real Estate Property Awards Exclusive:

Selling LA – Rock Star Real Estate Agent

Watch one of the latest clips of Selling LA, HGTV from real estate agent Valerie Fitzgerald on her official YouTube.

Tell Me About Yourself & Book !

The number one question arrises during a real estate interview which is ‘Tell me about yourself’. Agencies want to make sure an agent has a good of personality, work ethic,…

You Don’t Want to Miss This $18M Florida Mansion Tour